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KaBoom! Evite Sent

The Evite is out for 2004 KaBoom. I had made an HTML typo early so if it was kind of strange when you looked at it, look again.

For planning, the fireworks begin at 9PM and usually last 30 to 45 minutes. We like to wait at least an hour for the boat madness to die down and for the guest dock at South Beach Marina to open up as we need about 55' to get in with CP. That translates to being back on the dock around 11PM. Also note that it's the City and as such can be both very cold and very warm all at the same time.

The actual fireworks show will be off Pier 32 if it is anything like last year and we will tuck CP into the gap between Pier 32 and 34 (Delancy Street Pier) which is usually right next to the main stage. Hearing the stage show is a bit hit and miss but if anyone really wants to hear it, I can try to anchor over closer. We will get CP in and anchored by 3PMish so that we get a good spot and good swing room.

I'll post more about food, places to park, and the exact pick up instructions as we get closer. You can also see the links in the post below for more details from KFOG. Also you can see what I wrote about last year's KaBoom!


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