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February 7, 2007

47' CP Sold

I had entertained the idea before. Gary N who helped bring her down 4 years ago got top dollar for his 38' Bayliner and has wanted 47' CP for a while. We were able to do a trade to save him some taxes and he officially purchased 47' CP late last week. I'll have her and use her for a few more months and then we're taking her back to the Puget Sound.

That also means that I'm now in the market to move up even more than before. I've got my eye on one boat in Mexico and a couple in the Puget Sound. With the newest and smallest human addition to the family and the fact that H's sister is now living in Seattle, it makes a lot of sense to station our next vessel there for a little while.

Even H said that letting 47' CP go was like losing a member of the family. I call her 47' CP because soon she's going to be a 58' to 65' CP... The name stays with us, but a part of our heart will always be afloat on 47' CP. We're really glad she's going to such a good home.