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April 15, 2006

Anchor Light Bulb on the 4788

Finding the correct replacement anchor light bulb online is actually non trivial. I walked over to West Marine and happened upon the correct one. For my own memory and the world the information on the bulb is:

Double Index Marine Bulb
Trade #10801
12 Volts
25 Watts
2.08 Amps
Model Number 4810834 (Which I think is West's number)

Now that I know the correct bulb I might opt for an LED in the future. This bulb cost me $17 in the retail store.

April 14, 2006

Kaboom 2006 is May 13

Since we were heading to South Beach this weekend I happened to click on the Guest Berthing information at South Beach Harbor. There I found out that Kaboom is scheduled for May 13 this year. Mark your calendars as I'll be sending out invites shortly.

An impromptu Easter Weekend

We had talked about it, but were wavering thinking the weather would not be good. However, Thursday was stunning and the forecast is looking better so I ran down to the boat this evening and cleaned like a banshee. There is now one clean Carolina Pacific with a dock reservation at South Beach Harbor and an inaugural weekend of boating for this boating season. If the weather stays nice enough we may even wander over to Angel Island. Its been a long wet and dreary winter and the feeling of the first twinges of spring is very, very good.

One of the cool things about South Beach is that its about 4 blocks from West Marine. I plan on fixing a couple things during the weekend too.