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February 13, 2006

Classic boat story

So I have a couple of classic boat stories.

Heather and I went by the boat the other day and the freshwater pump was cycling.. A quick troubleshoot and it looked like maybe I had a tank leaking. I added water and things seemed happy. Fast forward a week or two and after some business travel I headed back. Again the freshwater pump was cycling... Start debugging and I notice that the strainer in front of the pump has cracked and is leaking... Aha! The next day, $10 and a West Marine trip later I've got no leaks.

I head off to do the every couple of years Lectra/San acid bath. As I'm waiting I hear a noise and then the freshwater pump cycles again... The freshwater line heading into the guest head faucet has a 1mm strong leak. That explains so much.

Add it to the list and keep on punching things down. The weather has been artificially warm and beautiful earlier so all we Bay Area boaters are getting boat fever.