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July 15, 2005

Work, work, work

That crummy stuff that supports my boating habit has been getting in the way of late. The plan is still to spend a couple of months in the Delta, but those are increasingly looking like late August, September, and early October.

I did spring for a wetsuit to clean the bottom - wish I would have remembered to spring for a weight belt... The refrigerator died after a successful Kaboom. I've got a temporary on board and will be buying a T-80 soon. She performed very nicely at Jack London for the 4th and she and I enjoyed her clean bottom on the way back.

Most important to us is that I finally got an end tie at Coyote Point. Due to the strong crosswind there, the end tie is really, really nice. I can stern her right up to the side of the now windward end tie, allowing Heather to step right off and tie a short stern cleat line to a dock cleat. Once that's complete I put the opposite engine in gear and step out on the bow to hand her the bowline.... No more exciting stern in controlled crash landings on the leeward finger when its blowing the usual 25kts with gusts to 35... Ah Coyote. The other fringe benefit is that I'm also now closer to the wifi hotspot.

And now I have enough room for the 65's I have an eye on...