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December 3, 2004

4788 Lost off Newport Oregon

In a story that has eerie similarities to a trip Carolina Pacific took, a 4788 Bayliner was lost off the jetty at Newport Oregon. This boat was being delivered by a crew from Stockton, CA for a California boat owner from the Puget Sound to my marina - Coyote Point.

CP stopped for fuel at Newport when we brought her down the coast in spring 0f 2002. We had a wild but safe ride heading in there when we crossed the bar. One major difference is that we crossed the bar before sunset, and not at night like this boat attempted.

December 2, 2004

AP Live

After frantic wiring for the last couple of days, I had a successful test of my GPS/Autopilot/Laptop integration. I have added a Seatalk GPS receiver and a Seatalk to NMEA interface to my existing Autohelm/Raytheon/Raymarine system. Now instead of receiving positioning data from my handheld Garmin GPS sitting on the dash, I get it off the Seatalk bus from the now integrated Raymarine GPS receiver. Additionally, Nobeltec chart plotting on my laptop can now drive my autopilot to the next waypoint on routes on the laptop. I still have to permanently mount the GPS receiver on the radar arch and wire up the NMEA out to the EPIRB. I'm also going to run NMEA data to the old display for the old GPS receiver that I'm removing so I have backup position display.

Also in the last couple of days I've completely rewired the port engine and added a nifty new wiring harness enclosure to stop corrosion, replaced the hall strip lights, and gotten half way through wiping down the teak with new teak oil.

Still on the list of things to do is coming up with a flybridge chart display and repairing the trim tabs. After replacing the air horn generator I now find that the horns themselves need some cleaning to sound properly. I have an idea on the flybridge chart solution - a Viewsonic "smart" portable monitor. That way I have a touch screen and would have chart plotting and autopilot driving from anywhere on the boat.