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July 26, 2004

Georgiana and Pear Fair

The Pear Fair was fun. Very Norman Rockwell - especially as the firetrucks went by loaded with kids and American flags.

The boat ran pretty well. It looks like the growth on the props was the main culprit. She's still running a bit hot. I'm going to yank the tube bundle on port sooner or later. I even remembered to grab measurements for my davit pulley repair and the mattress replacement.

All I have to do now is remember to schedule my exterior wash before I show back up next week.

The Bend on the Georgiana was its usual calm self. Wind was up on Saturday though. All in all, a fun easy river floaty weekend.

July 23, 2004


Off to "The Bend" in Georgiana this weekend. We're going to make a quick stop by the Courtland Pear Fair. We'll be anchored out near the intersection of Race Track Road and Tyler Island Road just south of Walnut Grove.

Rogue Waves

Reports are out confirming what most offshore sailors already knew. Rogue waves exist and are pretty common.

July 13, 2004


I finally broke down and bought a new 15hp Yamaha outboard for the dingy. I motored CP up with friends Joe and Alessandra to H&H where Heather brought Ella and a car to meet us. We were planning on berthing at H&H for the summer, but more on that in a minute. We tied up at our favorite anchorage on Disappointment Slough. We used to anchor, but the leasers of the little tule island next to where we would anchor just invited us to use one side of their dock, so we generally do and thank them when we see them with ice, beer, power, and on occasion air conditioning. We didn't see them that weekend however.

It was a usual outing. We ate at the Breadfruit Tree (such yummy Caribbean food and they had Patty that weekend which is a major Heather favorite.) Joe had to head back to the east coast on the 4th night, so we loaded the dingy with three of us and his bags. Sadly the dingy doesn't quite plane with 3, much less 3 and bags. I ended up dropping them off at King Island Marina on Honker Cut and then zooming around to H&H planing by myself to get the car. I had the bright idea to call King Island about berthing and found out they had covered 56' slips for $420. When we got back we headed over to the levee on the King Island side to watch the Hilton fireworks.

It was a great weekend and everything worked which is saying something. We idled back over to our new slip. My big concern (after I had rented the slip) was whether we would actually fit under the roof. We eased in with antennas down and it turns out that I have 2" to spare above my anchor light. 50 Amp power, a covered slip, decent parking, and quiet evenings surrounded by liveaboards is a very nice marina situation. Losing the H&H college crowd and the cable ferry is looking very good.

Now I'm wondering if I just shouldn't leave it up there.

July 7, 2004

The Delta

Some Delta news and then an update on our Fourth trip.

The California Delta Forums are closing so the link on my little marine blog roll will be changing. Hal Schell who is Mr. Delta in many ways is opening his own site called Dawdling on the Delta. So far no thoughts of a forum there. Those of us usuals are conspiring to come up with some other place. Right now we're all commenting on the California section of Boatered.

In other news, Hal was quoted in a very nice piece on the Delta drawbridges in the SF Chronicle.