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March 28, 2004

Repairs and Work

I know I've been slack about updates...

We took her out for a sightseeing trip to the Golden Gate and then overnight at South Beach Marina. We had an old college friend in from the east coast and wanted to show him the city from the water and do the city apartment thing. We took on a couple hundred gallons of diesel and she performed admirably. The only thing that didn't work is that the shower sump finally gave up. I've ordered a new one from boatfix. I also have enquired about why my horn air compressor came back from the factory undeliverable. They had no clue, so I sent it again and it looks like it got through this time.

After that weekend I had the folks from Marine Lube boat over and change the oil and coolant in both the engines and the generator.

I've been cleaning the interior - I've found that a Dirt Devil with a rotating brush is the only way to get the dog hair up... The next big project is going to be a half me, half hire, strip and refinish of the outside teak. I'm also going to have a compound done shortly.

I also need to find a local diver and which ones and where I can get the zincs for the 4788...

All getting ready to start heading back to the Delta and other fun Bay Area destinations.