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End of the Summer

So it was a long and very fun year of Delta cruising. In the repair category, I put a new water pressure pump body on the motor thinking that was the problem. Sadly it looks like its actually a leak... somewhere.... That's still on the list of problems to find. I did a bunch of maintenance to the davit winch and found out that the right way to repair a damaged wire rope is to buy a whole new one for about $60 from Boatfix.

Discovery Bay worked out pretty well, but we spent a lot of motoring time getting over to our favorite places so I may try to find something a bit more northern or a bit further east next year. A good friend just bought a 40'er that I've been assisting him with and he's now at Tiki Lagun which looks like a pretty good compromise. Those statements are all about balancing driving time/conditions with length of runs to our favorite places and not a comment on the Disco marina. We did enjoy it quite a bit and it came in very handy all summer long.

CP is on the hard at Delta Boat Works mainly for a bottom paint refresh before heading back to salt. While I'm there I'm going to have them repair some minor damage to my swim platform edge. The big internal debate is whether to replace the depth sounder/speed modules while its out and to what extent I have to commit to a complete electronics refresh to do that. That will be a couple of calls on Monday I think.

Once back to the slip its time to start making the fall repair list. Quite a few little things to make better including installing new tach senders and digital tachs. I'm also adding in the non-zero chance of an off season 10 to 15 foot itis...