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Kaboom Preliminary

First, Kaboom is Saturday May 21st at the usual location just north of SBC Park.

One huge caveat this year is that the Giant's have a home game against the A's that night so parking is going to be a nightmare! We're scheduling the dock pick up at 6PM and the game starts at 5:05PM so only parking should be truly horrific. Caltrain or BART?

We're going to have one massive pickup with two (working I swear) dingys at 6PM. This means that the reality is that there will be a couple of trips starting at right before 6PM until we have everyone. Call my mobile or SMS if you are running late. Please don't run too late as I'd prefer to be drinking a beer instead of driving a dink. If mobile service gets jammed up as usual, please send me an SMS as they tend to get through even when voice can't. We plan on anchoring around lunch time that day, so if you want to come earlier make arrangements ahead of time. After the show is over and the boats clear out, we'll hit the dock with the big boat to drop folks off. Plan on that being around 11PM.

More details as we get closer including my usual maps and such. Also, KFOG is likely to put up some transportation recommendations. The Giant's A's game is a big mistake on KFOG's part but whatever...

PS. This is a photo taken last year from a boat about 100 yards behind us.

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