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Lots of Todo Items Nearly Done

Boatfix loves me right now.

I've been knocking off lots of items from my list of things that need to get addressed. I've been sanding and painting rust off the fridge, and entertainment center as well as dealing with a corrosion spot or two on the engines and engine mounts. I've been testing and upgrading bilge pumps and wiring. I also repaired the spotlight switch that had been left as a niggling problem. I finally replaced the missing stair light and in fact traded both out for new lights. On order are new wiring harnesses and rope lights for the companionway.

I'm starting to spec out replacing the carpet in the salon with wood and replacing the TV with a flat panel to create more storage. I'm also looking at how to add a fuel transfer pump and filter.

Doc Hino and/or Earl are supposed to stop in this weekend to yank the tube bundle from port so I can boil it out. With that, the punch down list should be getting much shorter.


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