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As Summer Winds Down

As is a common blog refrain, I've been remiss in keeping this up to date. I blame boating too much and blog spam. I leave you to be the snickering judge.

August was a busy month aboard CP. We had her out all but one weekend in the Delta and everything went great. I don't even think we broke anything which is rare aboard a boat. The lowlight was probably me falling off the flybridge when trying to bring the dingy crane in late night after a swim. That was after the Reggae Fest party and that was a very good time had by all.

Labor Day weekend was spent sailing Bravado from Papeete to Bora Bora by way of Raiatea & Tahaa. On the way back we caught a 7' long striped marlin and released her.

We brought CP back to the Bay last weekend. Still heating, but cleaning the bottom in fresh water and Spencer and Gene diving fixed all the performance problems. We actually had her up to 19.5kts SOG off Alameda. Either Doc Hino is going to come pull my tube bundle or I will. Once we boil it out and replace it I expect she'll be in perfect mechanical order.

We're going to start heading up to the city with her again, especially once I get that last issue worked out.

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