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Kaboom! This Weekend

Kaboom is this Saturday.

The boat has been cleaned and serviced - we're bringing two dingys and one of them has just had a complete health inspection by my local good outboard shop.

For those of you coming, here are the details. We will make two pickups at the South Beach Marina. Here is a map of The Embarcadero At Pier 40 San Francisco, CA 94101 which is where South Beach is. The guest dock is on the north side of the marina behind the restaurant and near the bike rental shop. We will be running dingys at 5PM and 6PM from the guest dock to the Carolina Pacific at anchor. The fireworks begin around 9:30 and usually last about 30 minutes. We will wait for an hour or so after the fireworks to return the big boat to the South Beach dock for two reasons. First it is far safer to let the less experienced boaters get out of the way, and second, we need about 55' of dock space to get Carolina Pacific in and the guest dock will be hopping right after the show. This means we will tie up to drop off between 10:30 and 11:30PM. CP will be heading back to her spot to anchor back out for the night.

We will have light food and plenty of drink planned. Feel free to bring anything specific you might want from an alcohol or mixer point of view. If you run late for the 6PM dingy run, leave a message on my mobile before 6PM. My mobile is listed on the Evite.

Update: There is now a 7PM dingy run also.


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