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Offseason Mods and Maintenance

Went down to the boat today and finally installed the new K&N airfilters on the diesel engines. I ordered these about a year ago and had expected the install to be harder than it was. It was literally as easy as loosening one hose clamp, sliding off the old ones, sliding on the new ones, and tightening a new hose clamp. These filters came pre-oiled which made it very easy. Pictures are available.

On top of that I made some mods for my new Treo 600. The 600 looks like it has an antenna in and I expect that I will be able to get the right adapter and plug it directly into my mobile antenna.

Plenty more to do, like get the air compressor for the air horn repaired and re-installed...

Update: I'm hearing that I should either extend the breather tube or put on a catch can...


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About time you did some work on her!!! I'll bet she was begining to feel left out. Just use and abuse her and then leave her out in the cold and you go off to the warm weather of the Islands.

Please let me know if you see any difference in the perfomance with the K&N's

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