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Potato Slough

We spent the weekend of the 20th with Bravado in Potato Slough. We had a pleasant surprise of having a good friend and business associate out with us. He sold his 65' Viking a few months back and is looking and thinking about moving aboard a 75' or 80'er. It was a low key weekend and we were able to bring CP all the way back to the currently being dredged Coyote Point Marina.

Last weekend weekend was a quick trip to Canada. Vancouver is definitely tugging on my boating desires...


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What are you getting tiered of the mud puddle? Are you ready for some real boating where you can see bald eagles (no not the eagles that are bald.) I anxiously await the time when you choose to come to the boating capitol of the west coast. Get yourself a houseboat to leave on the mud puddle (like a gas bluewater) and then bring the real boat up here.

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