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Georgiana, Steamboat and The Grand Island Mansion

My luck continues to be poor in some respects. When I arrived at the boat, the laptop, portable GPS, and cellphone antenna adapter that were there when the outboard was taken were gone - STOLEN again...

Other than that, the boat is running well. I've still got some vibration, but I think that only speaks to how good Propscan was at giving my props a smooth shape. I'm going to send the other set up to Bremerton sometime this winter.

We anchored out half way through the northern no wake zone on Georgiana Slough. There is a tree obstructing the east side of the waterway and we tucked in behind it. Dave W. and friends came by and side tied for a few hours of swimming and mudfighting. On Sunday, we weighed anchor and headed to Steamboat and the Grand Island Mansion. The Mansion has a nice new dock that easily accommodated CP and two 40'ers with room for another 50' at least. The food was decent and the Mansion was neat to see, but it was not as good as I had hoped for.

We motored back, cleaned up the boat, and headed home.

Next weekend is anchoring out at Bedroom 3 on Potato Slough with Bravado.

Maybe my luck is turning. Out dawdling on the dingy in Georgiana, I spotted a black fender. It turned out to be exactly the right size to go with my others. I had popped one getting into Pittsburg on the way back from Railroad Cut, so it was a welcome addition.


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