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Returning to Pittsburg

We were hustling to get to the bridge when I thought I noticed some vibration. It was pretty clear that port was vibrating around 1300 RPMs, so I immediately decided to bring the RPMs down to around 1100 where there was no vibration.

Hindsight being 20-20, I should have remembered another time where I sterned into a shallow anchorage and got mud on the props as I have a hunch that was what happened.

We got through the bridge at 4:58PM after calling ahead to make sure that the bridge attendant did not leave us. We made about 6 knots all the way down the Moke and all in all it was a fine speed to see this area in the late afternoon.

When we got to the Highway 12 bridge over the Moke, I tried throttling up again and low and behold the vibration was almost completely gone. I had visions of not having to haul out in my head, but Neither engine was able to make a full 3000 RPMs at full throttle, so something still wasn't right - it was looking better but not perfect.

We made it back to Pittsburg, cleaned up in the 35kt winds and headed home.

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