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Railroad Cut and Prop Switches

We floated down Locke Slough to Railroad cut and anchored about 200 yards down Railroad Cut.

What an amazing anchorage area. At the end of the day, I think we found a better anchorage than we would have found at the Meadows. It is a no wake zone with a relatively calm current. Shore and trees are easily accessible. Most folks bow in and basically run the bow up in the mud to the edge of shore and tie off on a tree. You could use a boarding ladder and step onto shore from the anchor pulpit. We broke tradition and sterned in partially because we needed to assess the damage closer to shore.

Shore is a state park on the old abandoned railroad line behind Locke. Easy dog walking and you could park your car 15 yards behind your boat if you were so inclined. In addition, the trees provide shade at anchor from about 1PM on all the way up to the helm station on the flybridge when sterned in. That fact alone pushed us to want to stern in there in the future.

Spence dived in and came back saying that the shafts felt pretty good, but that the props were pretty clearly cupped on the tips. I made some calls and Tom from TowBoat Delta US got me in touch with one of his associates who brought the truck out and dove to swap out my props. They did an unbelievably good job and once I saw the props out of the water and knew the new props were on I started to feel a whole lot better.

Port looked worse than starboard as three blades were dinged up. Starboard only had damage to one blade. However, the diver mentioned that something may be amiss as he couldn't turn the prop by hand...

We had a great rest of the weekend though we had a little rush to get back to the swing bridge by 5PM.

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