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The 4th

Our 4th weekend was relatively uneventful. The only interesting thing that happened was that we were boarded by the Coast Guard on our way to the yacht club via a scenic detour past the Golden Gate. They were extremely courteous and I had everything well in order for them. The two interesting items were that they allowed us to continue underway to our destination while they completed the check and that they had never heard of a Lectra/San before. I'm thinking of sending a quick letter to their command to compliment them on their excellent handling of the safety check and to mention that they may want to add training in Type I MSDs.

I think the most notable thing about the weekend was that the boat worked fine. We hung out at the club, got out the Frontrunner, dingyed around - back and forth to Jack London Square where Bravado is berthed and generally had a decent relaxing time. I even hit the stern in at Coyote in 20+ knots of wind without even noticing until I looked at today's wind speeds online.

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