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Sailing Anarchy has an excellent round up of the Transpac fleet.

I was invited to crew on Bravado in Transpac this year - which was quite an honor. Cost/Time/Annoyance lead to Bravado being pulled which is just as well as the new little one mitigates against me spending 12 days on the Pacific, btu sooner or later I really want to do this.

We raced Bravado in Coastal Cup with most all of the Transpac fleet. Bravado suffered a spinnaker failure (the ring pulled out of the head of the sail) and we would have had to fight 15' seas at 8 seconds in 30kts of wind gusting to 40kts all the way down to Catalina. We instead headed for Santa Cruz. While we had the sails up it was a complete blast though. We got passed by one of the J-125s and it was beyond cool. Basically they were skipping from wave top to wave top like a stone thrown on a lake. It was not that dissimilar to the kite sailors in the SF Bay - except for the size of the spinnakker...

Racing in the fleet behind Pegasus and Pyewacket is pretty cool too. Philippe is a friend of a friend and a character... I've got my money on him to win Transpac also.


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