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Well, the party was a blast except for one thing. The dingy that came with CP would not idle. I ended up flagging down a complete stranger that became a new friend. He and his very cool Boston Whaler fishing machine made a few ferry trips to pick up folks at South Beach Harbor. Huge apologies to the few of you who got there too late for us to make another trip. Two morals to this story - make sure to bring a spare outboard, especially if you have one in your garage, and set up two meeting points and pick people up with the big boat.

The fireworks were awesome and I think folks had a good time. We dropped everyone back at South Beach and moseyed over to Charles' marina for the night with Spencer and Tara. We tracked down some BBQ for Mother's Day and headed back to gusty Coyote Point after dropping Spencer and Tara off.

Sadly it was so windy that I had to dock bow in. I flipped it around Monday morning singlehanded though.


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