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Eureka to?

I woke up around 7AM and started wandering around the Marina with the thought of getting a shower and finding out when the fuel dock open. I quickly found a guy ahead of me in the shower and a harbormaster telling me that it was a one fuel dock fishing town and that said fuel dock was closed on Sundays.

The crew had been ecstatic the night before because getting into California was a real psychological hurdle. Now we were a little less optimistic about getting back on schedule. I grabbed a shower on the boat and Gary offered to buy me some breakfast at the decent little restaurant at the marina. We grabbed a copy of the phone book and started dialing for diesel. I was kicking myself for not taking on a full fuel load back at Crescent City, but even in hindsight, crossing the bar with light left was far more important to our health and safety.

Gary was a little impatient with the petroleum distributors and came up high and dry. My next thought was to try to rent a pickup, a barrel, and a hand truck. After calling the rental places, they all told us to call Rex at one of the petroleum distributors. As soon as I called the right place and navigated the phone tree, he was paged and called right back. It turned out that he was the local little league maven and since there were massive rain delays that morning, he could get us 160 gallons of diesel in two pickup trips as his fuel truck was down. Brett went to get a battery charger with the fuel guy in between trips as we had found the new Xantrex inoperative that morning. 160 gallons on top of what we already had would get us to Fort Bragg and the Noyo River.

We left as soon as the last of the fuel had been taken on.


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