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Newport OR to Coos Bay?

We got underway at first light. Crossing the bar and the westward leg leaving the area were lumpy, but not too bad. When we turned down to the south, it became a downright OK ride. We headed south for a couple of hours and as I looked around, I said, "We're going to Crescent City!"

We kept running, and I had the dial a buoy info for the Port Orford, Crescent City, and Eureka near shore ODAS buoys, and the observations just kept getting better and better to the point that I declared that we were headed to Eureka. All of the crew got some good rest as we handed off an easy helm among everyone. About two hours out from Crescent City, Brett pointed out that fuel was looking like an issue.

We all started re-running calculations and It became pretty obvious that we would be in a very low fuel situation trying to cross the Eureka bar at dusk. Since none of us had crossed Eureka before, we wanted to have some light. I moved the throttles up to WOT to go get 150 gallons at Crescent City fast enough to make Eureka by a few minutes after sunset. We fueled up and ran for it. I cooked some dinner and we prepared for a difficult bar.

The bar was trivially easy. We pulled into a slightly rainy Woodbey Island marina, had a couple beers while installing new fuel filters and doing a couple of other general maintenance items, and then hit the sack expecting to find fuel at around 8AM Sunday Morning.


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