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Prep In Tacoma

Today was a relatively productive day. I sit typing in this cool little boathouse that is attached to the workshop at Breakwater Marina. Breakwater's gang is installing a Lectra/San today and is about 3/4 done and will put the fuel pump on tomorrow.

I ran all over Seattle picking up a riser (exhaust manifold) and then took the ferry over from downtown Seattle to Bremerton. I forgot how cool ferries are. The spare props have been fully tuned and they look amazing. I'm going to have diver put them on in the next couple of days.

I got almost all of the provisions and gear bought and put away on the boat Lots of little projects are done including a very nifty way to secure the fridge underway as well as the TV. I've got a Coast Guard Aux guy coming tomorrow to do a courtesy Vessel Safety Check so that I hopefully cut down on the number of actual Coastie inspections after crossing bars...

Lots done and still lots to do.

The crew continues to morph. Al has some NBC army stuff - and no, thats not the TV network - so he can't make it. It turns out that Brett has experience with Dramamine, so he is coming. As we were all afraid of, Rob can't make it. He has aircraft that he has to build. We're going to have lunch at the Tacoma Yacht club though tomorrow. In the good news department, Gary is going to go all the way to San Francisco. I forgot to mention that Charles can't make it either. At least his Iridium phone can. Thanks!

Off to close up a few projects and get some sleep. I have a riser to put on in the morning and injectors for the afternoon...


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