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The Welcome Party

The Trip, as I've come to call it, would not be complete without a big boat warming/personal season opener party.

As such, and pending The Trip coming off as planned, we are going to have a bash starting mid-day on May 10th. Why May 10th you might ask. The answer is that its the first whole weekend that CP should be in the SF Bay and it is the night of KFOG KaBoom! If you don't know KaBoom, its probably one of the largest non-Fourth of July fireworks displays on the west coast. KaBoom is also a bit of an anniversary of us buying Southern Comfort as we aimed to get everyone out on her last year.

The plan is for us to take the boat up Friday night and anchor out off the pier 38 area. Then folks should show up at the guest dock at South Beach Harbor anywhere from Noon until 7PM. Give us a call on the cell phone or on VHF-16 and we'll dingy over to the guest dock to bring you out. South Beach Harbor has driving directions available, but the harbor is on the north east side of Pac Bell Park and the guest dock is on the north side of the harbor off Embarcadero.

The fireworks are at 9PM. We're going to have hors d'heuvres and some light food, but not a full meal. We should also have plenty of beverages, but don't let that stop you from bringing additional libations. Also, there should be quite a few kids ages 1 to 12.

For those of you with boats, I should have a good anchor down, so rafting is encouraged.

After the fireworks show and the bad boating show (if you don't know what I mean, you will soon learn) we will either dingy everyone over to the South Beach Harbor dock, or we may do a touch and go with CP. It depends on the situation at the Marina.

We're looking forward to the fun, friends, and fireworks and hope to see you there.

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