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Pier 39

The admiral, the bean, and I spent the Memorial Day weekend moored at Pier 39. The marina is surgey and the bean had her first real cold. On top of that, the weather forecast continued to be about as accurate as a coin flip and missed the fog and low clouds.

All was not lost as we did have fun traipsing around the waterfront. Monday was especially nice as the weather broke and we headed over to North Beach.

The good news was that in the week proceeding, I had diagnosed a failed control panel for the Lectra/San and gotten the master shower sump working again. Also, during the weekend I was able to knock out a few of the punch down list items. Slowly but surely the boat is recovering from the delivery and I'm starting to get her into the shape I want her in.

No plans for this weekend, but I do have a few things to get done on her.


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